About Us

Lachmann Co. Pte Ltd. have been established in Singapore since 1956 (celebrating 62 years). We are a family-owned and run enterprise, spanning 3 generations of family members.


Range from production & sourcing, designing, merchandising, distributing and retailing brands in the Fashion, Outdoor, Lifestyle, & Sports Industries.

Expertise & Experience:

Managing International Brands, and meeting their relevant business objectives for the Singapore markets.

Distribution & Warehousing:

In Singapore and able to directly sell and distribute to point of sales, ranging from independent mono-brand retail shops, shop-in-shops, hypermarkets, specialty individual shops, chain stores, sports shops, and many other traditional and non- traditional retailers.


Manage Above-The-Line (ATL) and Below-The-Line (BTL) activities


Continual investing in technology, people, and processes, to upgrade our company operations to drive efficiency and efficacy.